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Genii Business Exchange - An Increased 2012 Global Reach


View the interview of Christian Frampton on Genii Business Exchange from The Genii Group YouTube channel here

Genii Capital leads in raising $35 million for Zink Imaging


Genii Capital, through the Genii Business Exchange, leads $35 million Series B financing for ZINK Imaging.  The proceeds will propel ZINK® Zero Ink® commercial growth and next generation development.

Luxembourg, December 6, 2011

Genii Capital, an international investment management and financial advisory firm operating within the Finance division of The Genii Group, today announced that it has led in raising $35 million of series B financing for ZINK Imaging Inc., inventors and manufacturers of the award?winning ZINK® Zero Ink® Printing Technology and ZINK Paper®. ZINK is a full color printing technology that does not require any consumables like ink cartridges or ribbons to print.  The money will enable ZINK Imaging to expand into new markets and to further develop the capabilities of its unique technology.

Genii Capital has been instrumental in leading the series B financing through its unique business platform, Genii Business Exchange. The Genii Business Exchange acts as a business and financing ambassador, bringing the right business prospects to the right people, operating in over 20 countries around the world. Partnering with Genii Capital, and attending Genii Business Exchange events, has provided ZINK Imaging with a significant financial and strategic boost.

The founders of Genii Capital, Gerard Lopez and Eric Lux said: “Genii Capital has a strong heritage and experience in the technology sector and has built a strong relationship with ZINK Imaging over the past few years. Genii Capital has provided advice and funding for the company and the raising of $35 million will only increase the strength of this partnership.”

Christian Frampton, of Genii Business Exchange, said: “Genii Business Exchange is delighted to have provided the platform to raise this financing.  We believe that ZINK Imaging’s technology is the future of printing.  It will continue to transform the critical role printing plays in key markets such as cloud computing and on-demand hard copy communication. The Genii Business Exchange is continuing to grow and develop into new markets; 2012 will provide our busiest and most exciting year so far. We continue to bring the right prospects to the right people as demonstrated by the raising of this funding for Zink Imaging”

Ira Parker and Mary Jeffries, co-CEOs of ZINK Imaging Inc, said: "We are delighted with our relationship with Genii Capital. We have leveraged the Genii Business Exchange as a platform for both our strategic and financial needs and it has been instrumental in the raising of essential series B funding.”

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About Genii Capital

Genii Capital is an investment management and financial advisory firm, operating within the Finance division of The Genii Group. Genii Capital provides an unparalleled global network aiming to bring together highly experienced and talented people with an entrepreneurial investment philosophy.

Genii Capital’s investment management services do not follow traditional industrial segmentation but offer services in those markets where they are most relevant and where its expertise and network of partners will be of most value, including real estate, technology, automotive and energy.

The firm offers independent financial advice to companies and governments in mergers and acquisitions, capital markets, as well as business development and strategic partnerships.

Genii Capital’s unique structure makes it the partner of choice for those seeking international, long-term progress, alongside a commitment to social responsibility and sustainable development.

About ZINK Imaging

ZINK Imaging Inc., a privately held company, was founded to enable millions of customers to enjoy the magic of ZINK® Zero Ink® products. ZINK Imaging invented, manufactures, and is an OEM supplier of the ZINK Printing Technology and the award winning ZINK Paper® to partners that will bring ZINK?enabled products to market under their respective brands. ZINK Imaging’s headquarters and research and development labs are in Massachusetts, with a state of the art manufacturing facility in Whitsett, North Carolina. For more information, please visit

The ZINK® Technology and ZINK® trademarks are owned by ZINK Imaging, Inc.


The Genii Group YouTube Channel


View the interview of Christian Frampton on Genii Business Exchange from The Genii Group YouTube channel here

Genii Capital and Proton strengthen successful relationship


Proton -the owner of Lotus Cars- and Genii Capital -the owner of Lotus Renault GP- are pleased to announce a new strategic synergy. Both parties have agreed to collaborate in order to actively support Proton’s international expansion.

From now on, Genii Capital will help develop markets in Central Europe as well as in Brazil and Russia. In Europe, Proton will explore collaboration opportunities with Genii Capital. The aim is to establish a new innovative concept of car sharing, using Proton’s range of vehicles.

Dato’ Sri Syed Zainal Abidin Syed Mohamed Tahir, Group Proton Managing Director:  “Proton has come long way since its birth, 25 years ago. We are now in the process of evolving into an international car manufacturer, touching people’s life around the world. When it comes to thinking about this expansion, Proton must rely on efficient structures. We also need to work with people we can trust. With Genii Capital, we think we have found a perfect partner and we are looking forward to developing an ambitious plan for the mid-term. The Malaysia Grand Prix is the ideal place to make such an announcement, as the two cars from Lotus Renault GP already represent a very successful sporting and commercial partnership.”

Gérard Lopez, Genii Capital:We are very proud to be chosen as one of Proton’s strategic partners. We already see the benefits of our association through Lotus Cars in Formula 1, and this is just the beginning. Over the next few months, we will be defining a very innovative commercial strategy, which will prove beneficial for all parties involved. A mutually beneficial association is the basis of every single agreement we are entering into and today’s announcement is just another illustration of our philosophy.”

What is Genii Business Exchange?  
With market leaders, opinion leaders, high network individuals, political leaders, key global corporate finance players and global players in the Formula 1 World Championship, Genii Business Exchange identifies the needs of its partners by initiating positive dialogue with the appropriate counterparties. This leads to win-win commercial, financial or industrial relationships.

Genii Business Exchange acts as a portal for:

  • Strategic partnership development
  • Business development
  • Financial structuring and fund raising

The Genii Business Exchange team hosts meetings both on and off-track with clearly defined partners and prospects. Flexible and reactive, the team strives to identify, quantify and close business opportunities efficiently.

Genii Business Exchange´s mission is to cultivate one of the best and most dynamic business environments possible.

Q&A session with Gerard Lopez


Question and Answer session with Genii Capital & Lotus Renault GP Chairman, Gerard Lopez, after the Australian Grand Prix where Vitaly Petrov became the first ever Russian driver on an F1 podium.

Gérard Lopez : “We benefit from a strong, quality network in Russia”
How did you rate Vitaly’s performance in the Australian Grand Prix?
GL: It was a first class drive. Vitaly did not make a single mistake all weekend long, which was his priority this season. His podium was not the result of unusual circumstances: he’s beaten the Ferraris and a Red Bull fair and square. Nick has been unlucky, his car was quite badly damaged after the first lap, but he’s strong.
The Australian Grand Prix has also be a real team effort. Is the team getting stronger and stronger?
GL:There’s no doubt about it. We managed a podium here last year, but today’s result was much stronger. Vitaly earned his podium by right and our car looked even better on race pace than it had shown in qualifying. A good performance from the race team to back up Vitaly’s efforts; the crew delivered clean stops and the strategy calls allowed us to sneak past Webber and hold our noses ahead of Alonso. I’m proud of our guys.
Any downside to the week-end?
GL: Yes, one. I wasn’t there to enjoy the result!
A lot of people doubted your choice this winter and said that Vitaly wasn’t the best choice for the team…
GL: Well, we’ve proved them wrong, didn’t we? As a country, Russia has been very strong in every sport, from an international point of view: basketball, ice hockey, football, athletics.... The only piece missing until now was a competitive racing driver. With Vitaly, Russia now has a fantastic ambassador and we are proud to have supported him.
Does yesterday’s podium bring some commercial opportunities for the team?
GL:Genii Capital and Mangrove Capital Partners have been close to Russia for a long time now. Genii is involved as advisors in numerous large projects in Russia in the sectors of energy, logistics, mining and telecommunications. We have earned people’s trust, thanks to our transparent and “down to business” approach. Our partners not only include market leaders but also opinion leaders political and key global corporate finance players. We benefit from quite a strong, quality network is Russia.
Is Vitaly a good ambassador in this respect?
GL: Of course ! When he arrived in Formula 1, we had to face two important tasks. The first one was to make him a complete driver in a few months. With no testing allowed and the pressure you have to face when racing at the highest level, his progress has been impressive. Secondly, we had to “educate” Russia to Formula 1.  There’s been a lot of explaining to do, a sport culture to explain. I’m happy to say that both these processes were successful. Very few people knew what the sport was all about when Vitaly arrived onto the grid. Last season, TV figures in Russia have already doubled within 8 months. This is more than encouraging.
Will this be translated into new logos on the car soon?
GL: As you know, quite a few Russian companies are strong partners of Lotus Renault GP this year. They seem to enjoy what our platform offers and the visibility they get. I’m sure that Vitaly’s showing in Melbourne will attract even more partners, especially as his performance did not look like a one off. I’m definitely optimistic.

Sir Jackie Stewart becomes a partner in Genii Business Exchange


Genii Business Exchange is delighted to announce the arrival of Sir Jackie Stewart, triple F1 world champion, as a partner for the years to come.

Sir Jackie’s mission will be to reinforce the existing commercial, technological and industrial links between the world of racing and the motor car industry, as well as Genii’s core sectors including new technologies, infotainment and energy related industries. This is a bridge that Genii Capital is particularly keen on building with companies involved in the design of new-generation on-board telecommunications systems, lightweight braking systems and more generally advanced technologies that have a positive environmental impact.

Genii Business Exchange reached another milestone in its involvement in Formula One with the presentation of the new Lotus Renault GP R31. The B2B platform of Genii Capital is now highlighted by its eye-catching presence on the car’s sidepods, which is aimed at developing its activity at the summit of motor sport to support the business development of the group’s portfolio of companies.

Gérard Lopez: “The name of Jackie Stewart enjoys international renown in the world of motor sport as well as in industry. After his career as a driver, Sir Jackie became a successful entrepreneur and his business activities have been crowned with success as well as enjoying uncontested respect allied to a very active network. His action in Genii Business Exchange will help us cross an additional threshold in our mid-term plan to develop the links between our technological and sporting activities, as well as increase our global reach.”

Sir Jackie Stewart: “For the last few years, the automotive world has continued to grow territorially, especially in the emerging markets like China and India. As a result, the number of drivers on the world’s roads rises constantly. In the same way, Formula 1 is a sport with unparalleled global reach, helped by the arrival of new destinations from season to season. Genii Business Exchange established its reputation in the high technology markets and one of its key missions is to build bridges between the competitive racing environment and the technology industry. Now, as a partner of this group, my ambition is to help its development by using the unique platform that Formula 1 represents as a valuable marketing and communication tool. It’s a fascinating challenge that I will be happy to rise to in the years ahead.”