What is Genii Business Exchange?

Genii Business Exchange is a ‘business accelerator’ providing unique business development opportunities for a distinguished global network. Our mission is to cultivate the best and most dynamic business environments around.

The Genii Business Exchange acts as a business and financing ambassador, bringing the right prospects to the right people. We identify the needs of sponsors, business partners, clients and investors in order to initiate a positive dialogue with the relevant parties. Flexible and reactive, our team strives to efficiently quantify and close business opportunities which best lead to win-win commercial, financial or industrial relationships.

Our network not only includes global players involved in Formula One, but also market leaders, opinion leaders, high net worth individuals and major global corporate finance players.

Genii Business Exchange acts as a portal for

  • Strategic partnership development
  • Business development
  • Financial structuring and fundraising

" Essentially, you have a unified product that is global right away"

“Genii Business Exchange takes great care in selecting the guests that we have at our events. It is about putting people in the right environment... we create a bond with different people and get to understand their needs. Delivering results is the main drive”

For the full interview with Christian Frampton and more information on the Genii Business Exchange, click here.


“My Genii Capital association allowed me to enter new fields of business. It provides a unique platform to engage with some of the most progressive, successful and established individuals in the world of commerce and I thoroughly enjoyed working with them.”

Sir Jackie Stewart, three time Formula One world champion and strategic advisor to Genii Business Exchange from 2011 through 2013.