What is Sir Jackie Stewart’s role as a partner of Genii Business Exchange?

With one of the most remarkable sports and business careers in motor racing history, Genii Business Exchange is proud and privileged to be associated with Sir Jackie Stewart. The entire racing industry recognises the major role he played in promoting Formula One to the corporate world by combining business and sports in a way never before seen. His achievements on and off the racetrack earned him a Royal knighthood in 2001.

Sir Jackie Stewart competed in Formula One between 1965 and 1973 and was three-time World Champion: in 1969, 1971 and 1973. His racing statistics were remarkable, with 27 wins from 99 races entered. His race victory record stood undefeated for 14 years and only broken by another Formula One great, Alain Prost in 1987.

Sir Jackie Stewart and Genii Capital have joined forces in order to continue to deliver excellence through Genii Business Exchange.

“For me, motorsport provided a unique platform to develop from being a sportsman to entering the world of business and commerce. I was fortunate that it was Formula One Grand Prix racing that I chose as my speciality within the world of motorsport. Formula One has global reach and is tied to the automotive industry, which is the 3rd largest in the world after the energy and arms industries."

“Formula One is the most constantly progressing, constantly technologically challenging and constantly ground breaking manufacturing industry in the world. Unlike many other sports, its high-end technology has exceeded most people’s expectations. I believe my new association with Genii Business Exchange offers both the company and myself a platform that I have not previously had."

“Genii’s success in the field of high technology companies is unsurpassed in the world of sports. “The new technologies that we are using today have global reach due to the internet and the new ways of doing business. Historically I have been a strong believer in long-term relationships with blue chip, well established multinationals. My 40-year relationship with the Ford Motor Company, that I retired from in 2004, is an example of this. I am still with Rolex Watches who I have been contracted to since 1968. I am still on the board of Moët Hennessy in the UK - a relationship that has fostered since 1969."