Genii Business Exchange’s expert partners, members and associates include:

  • Lotus F1 Team Formula One team
  • Group Lotus (title licensing sponsor of Lotus F1 Team)
  • Proton (Group Lotus mother company)
  • Renault Nissan Alliance (through Renault’s partnership with Lotus F1 Team)
  • Total (technical partner and sponsor of Lotus F1 Team)
  • PDVSA (sponsor of Lotus F1 Team)
  • Mangrove Capital Partners – a Member of The Genii Group 
  • Ikodomos – a Member of The Genii Group
  • EQC Energy Fund

In addition to the privileged access provided within the world of Formula One, the Genii Business Exchange is able to offer guests exclusive access to the close relationships it maintains with key figures, ranging from industry experts to local leaders, through the core competency sectors of The Genii Group which comprise of:

  • Corporate Finance
  • Automotive
  • Technology
  • Energy
  • Real Estate

Through Genii Capital, Genii Business Exchange is in contact with an unparalleled proprietary portfolio and investment opportunities, a network of investors, a substantial network of business partners across every continent.